Dr. Heather McEachern, registered Kelowna psychologists providing services to all age groups.

Heather McEachern, PhD, R.Psych




Kelowna Professional Group has a group of child clinicians specializing in all that is important for happy and healthy children and their parents.  Dr. Heather McEachern is the senior child clinician (and she also provides a wide range of service to adults). She and Dr. Gary Lea have recently welcomed Dr. Kate Aubrey to their practice, who specializes in helping children. 

We invite you to read an article by Dr. Aubrey informing parents about a common problem that has brought many a family into our private practice for assistance.  Dr. McEachern is supervising Dr. Aubrey pending her approval by the College of Psychologists of BC and any young person seeing Dr. Aubrey will also benefit from Dr. McEachern’s years of knowledge.  Appointments can be made without a referral and when parents have employee assistance plans or funding through provincial designations we provide receipts for reimbursement.

Bedwetting Information for Families